Behind the Scenes at a Goose Island Photo Shoot

With another photo shoot to showcase our Summer 2016 collection under the belt, the Goose Island marketing team can breathe a sigh of relief.  Why?  Because the planning that goes into a photoshoot plus the effort involved on the day is phenomenal!

Firstly, we have to ensure that the clothes we are using in the photo shoot will be available throughout the Summer so as not to disappoint our customers.   We also have to use appropriate models for our target market as well ensuring they ‘suit’ the fashions we are showcasing.

Location is also key.  In the past we’ve used studios as well as outdoor venues such as Oldwalls.  This time we’ve gone for a Paparazzi-style feel in order to be able to highlight the range of new accessories, such as hats and sunglasses, that we have introduced to our shops and online platforms this season.   So we opted for ‘street’ shots around Mumbles, giving the impression that the models are being followed around by the Paparazzi.

The time of day is also key.  Most photographers prefer to work early in the morning when the ambient light is at its softest.  This means a very early start for everyone to ensure the clothing and accessories are all in place, hair and make-up all complete and any props or lighting are as they should be.

So you can see how much planning goes into a professional, fashion photo shoot; and look out for the photos coming soon to our website:

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