A look back on 2020 and how we faced the global pandemic

As we enter 2021, we all remain hopeful and wish for nothing but good health and positivity. After a year of uncertainty and some can say loneliness, we sit wondering if 2021 will be any better right? 2021 will be whatever we wish to make of it. Well when we look back at 2020 as a company, we stay extremely grateful for the support of our customers and followers, counting ourselves lucky that we connect with our consumers so well, on a level of trust like no other. That we’re a local small business that continues to strive during a global pandemic to help support the globe. We’re like one big Goose Island family and our community is what keeps us going as a company. Nothing satisfies us more than knowing we built such strong relationships during a global pandemic and were still lucky enough to operate our business (even if this was from the sofas in our home still in our pajamas). 
Let’s talk about fashion on that matter. Can you believe the most trendy thing to wear all day was loungewear or let’s be honest.. Posh pajamas? We said goodbye to dressed up outfits, whether this would have been for a wedding party, anniversary meal, birthday night out. Face masks became the latest accessory and we were happy to spend £10 finding the nicest one. Going out for social events became forbidden and instead we spent time swapping the heels for slippers or walking shoes to get our 30 minute exercise for the day. After that, we’d come home and go straight to the garden as it was typical that we had the best lockdown weather we could have wished for. We all know if we weren’t in a lockdown it most probably would have poured down for summer 2020 let’s be honest. Our gardens have never looked so glam and I'm sure most of us kept Johstones paint or B&Q  in business. Vamped up the garden? May as well do the living room and before we knew it, the house market blew up with everyone wanting a change selling up and moving on.
Summer hit and we spent the majority of our time scrolling the latest summer sales, purchasing new summer clothes for the garden, lounge or our 30 minute walks. Buying new clothes gave us this feeling of normality and was probably one of the only hobbies of lockdown that lifted up our spirits as a woman, or man for that matter (my partner for one actually invested in that new pair of shorts he’s needed for 2 years). Going food shopping has never been so exciting and a reason to get dressed up in our 2020 lockdown summer trends. I even got to try out that new lipstick that I had for Christmas the year before, forgetting that no one could even see it due to the strict mask rule but I certainly felt glam for Sainsburys. The favourite part was waking up every morning thinking “well I better get dressed to go to the shop I need more wine”. Crazy when we think about it, that shopping for wine and snacks was deemed essential. There may not have been toilet roll or hand sanitiser, but we all knew online fashion was the priority and a new outfit was needed if we thought about switching up the food store the next week.
Virtual zoom quizzes and family catch ups were trending across the globe, and this is when Goose Island had the lightbulb idea for Facebook Live videos. Connecting with our customers has never been more enjoyable. It was great to see so many customers finding inspiration from our fashion fix videos and sharing their purchases. The power of social media! Even if we had to hype ourselves up for 15 minutes before we started them just in case we blurred out any stutters or had a freeze moment. Going live is surprisingly nerve wracking, especially when our videos start hitting 20k or more. (we love you all) 
As the boredom kicked in and time dragged on, we all started to take personal care to another level. Some investing in skincare, some took up new hobbies and most importantly we all started to focus on our mind. Doing what makes us feel more positive about the days we went through. Many took up yoga or running, and walks around the block became the norm for socialising with neighbours (some of whom I had never even seen before). It was great to see communities coming together, with front garden parties, street quizzes and VE day in the sun. It was as if we lived a completely different life that was somehow quite refreshing in a way? It’s as if the world wanted us all to stop and start again and re-evaluate our priorities and importance and note what we surprisingly were taking for granted.
We started to see lockdown’s being relaxed and the news was bringing us something different everyday. The months disappeared and by the time we knew it, it was Christmas and we had to get our santa hats on. Along with winter came the pressure to deliver for Christmas, and we must say, we think Christmas for 2020 was the most magical yet. We saw more love, kindness and compassion than ever before with everyone going OTT on the Christmas decorations, more chocolate consumed in one month than one year. But we all didn’t care, we were doing what made us cheerful and festive and the best gift of all? Was certainly family and good health and to that we raised a toast. Christmas on the couch, trend of Winter 2020.
This may all seem crazy, but this was also while the fashion industry was taking a massive hit! The COVID19 pandemic has seen a massive hit on many industries, from unprecedented pressure on health services, non essential businesses having to close until when? They didn’t know. And so the fashion industry follows suit, experiencing the effect of a global pandemic. As much as we are definitely not essential (some may beg to differ, a new piece of loungewear is still on my monthly shop) and the front line have certainly been hit directly in the face the most, with their biggest challenges yet (which we absolutely solute our NHS staff for), the fashion industry has seen a big impact on the global economy. Not to mention the furloughing of millions of designers, artists, warehouse operators, receptionists and many more that we can’t bring ourselves to think of.
The fashion industry’s fate of success is still unbalanced, as lockdowns are changing frequently. We don’t know where or when we are coming or going, and that goes for the industry too not just us humans. Though most of 2020 was cancelled, with our social calendars rightfully empty, fashion has looked to other ways of keeping us connected and inspired. The power of social media and the acts of kindness across our screens are helping to keep independent small brands like ourselves fighting for survival. 
If you’re reading this we’d like to thank you for landing on our page and showing your support. In a time of uncertainty, one thing that keeps us going is the love and support of you lovely people!
Here’s to 2021 x


  • Margaret (Rita) French

    I found your video last week on Facebook and loved it so I ordered a poncho it was beautiful so I ordered again from your sale again beautiful so I ordered again! Again beautiful!

  • Barbara Steevens

    Looking forward to shopping with you

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