Are you holiday ready?

You have booked the flights, sorted the hotel and arranged the transport. You have found your passports and printed out the itinerary... twice, just in case. But now it’s time to think about the serious business... packing! It’s going to be sunny, or at least you hope so, but maybe it will cool down enough for a wrap or light shrug on those late night walks back from the bistro, bar or along the beach.

How do you pack for all eventualities without exceeding that dreaded baggage allowance?

Thin layers are the key. Lightweight fabrics that roll or fold small for the suitcase, but that can be combined to create easy layers of comfort without compromising on style (after all you spent so long working on the beach body you deserve to make the most of it).

Goose island silks and linens are ideal. Beautiful easy to wear fabrics that are loose, lightweight and luxurious. Soft floaty silk shrugs, beautiful print linen scarves and super lightweight summer knits for the extra evening layer, long linen tunic dresses for the day at the beach or browsing the local markets and beautiful, thin tops, ideal for those days when all you can face is an ice cream (by which we mean cocktail) in the shade of a parasol at the local taverna.

So you’re nearly sorted, and definitely within your allowance, but let’s not forget the outfit you need to travel in. Something suitable for the weather leaving, the long wait in the air conditioned airport and comfortable enough for the cramped journey ahead.

Harem pants! If you have never considered them before look again. Full length, floaty leg cover with elasticated waistband, ideal for the time spent sitting, and loose enough to keep cool once you finally arrive. Combine them with a simple vest top or a lovely loose tunic and bingo, the taxi’s here and you can finally set sail.

Now where was that passport again?

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