Autumn 2017 Colours And Styles

It may feel too early to be reading this but we haven’t had the greatest of British summers and, as the Autumn fashions have been in store for several weeks, we’d like to share what’s exciting and new in the Goose Island Autumn 2017 Collection.

Most of us understand that a new season doesn’t mean we have to replace absolutely everything in our wardrobe. With a few well-chosen, seasonal additions we can refresh what we already have ready for the colder months.

Our first bit of advice is to update your wardrobe by picking an on-trend seasonal colours.  When you look at our new collection you will see that they are very autumnal colours which is a reflection of the colours that have dominated most of the fashion runways this season.

Autumn Colour Palette

Shades of plum is one of the most popular colours this season. Colour houses say that plum is a shade that suits everyone so if you haven’t tried it before, you may be surprised. This year we have introduced a huge range of styles in shades of plum to our Autumn Collection including this gorgeous sleeveless patterned dress with plain crop top; the dress can be worn on its own if the weather is warm during September and then layered up with the plain top when the temperature drops.  Also a long sleeved printed tunic which comes complete with a plain black under dress to show off the layered look and a plain, free size jersey tunic with matching scarf which also has a plain black tunic dress underneath.

Another key colour this Autumn is blue, a hue that the fashion houses are referring to as Blue Bell for the darker shades and Adriatic Blue for the lighter ones.   At Goose Island for many of our new items offer a combination of the two colours in similar styles to those in our plum collection as well as a full length, light blue pocket tunic.


In line with the popularity of colours we see in the High Street this season, we have also focussed on more earthy, natural colours that we generally associate with Autumn, including warms shades of brown in hues such as cinnamon and chestnut.  We know that these are the colours that our customers find easier to adopt.

As you will see from all of the styles showcased above, the midi hemline is dominating this season’s look.  Midi’s are elegant and easy to wear in loose, flowing dresses and even more popular than last Summer  so watch this space for more beautiful colours in a variety of styles and fabrics.

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