Behind the scenes at a Fashion Show with Goose Island and The Women's Institute

Goose Island recently contributed in 5 fashion shows during a lunch event for members of the Women's Institute across Wales. Women's Institute is a community-based organisation for women in the UK, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. The Women's Institute is an educational social organisation, established to ensure women are able to take an effective part in their community, make new friends and together, influence local, national and International affairs.

Participating in the shows, helped raise awareness of the Mumbles and surrounding Swansea area, with the passionate aim to bring money into the community following the changes of consumer buying habits following the pandemic. Goose Island's aim for the 5 fashion shows was to provide an empowered, positive, personal experience for the ladies of the WI and encourage women to feel confident and comfortable through the finds of new fashion.

The use of our newly colourful and playful tones was found refreshing and it was lovely to see the ladies of the WI chatting about what the prints and styles reminded them of during their earlier years. There were talks of wearing the prints and colours seen on the Goose Island models during lifetime events like motherhood, weddings and occasions now only seen and known in memories and pictures. A memorable observation for sure this year! To see their memories come back to life. 

At the event, the women were treated to a lovely three course meal at the Norton House hotel in Mumbles, while our fabulous models showcased some of Goose Island's best loved pieces of the season.


Our gorgeous models interacted with the ladies about their day and interest in the showcased styles. Our models strut among the tables, and each WI member was able to ask about the clothes and see how they can bring confidence and positivity to ones wardrobe for the season. This was also a fab opportunity to socialise and open up to new people, something we all deserve after a crazy 2 years of the affects of COVID-19. 


Following the fashion show, the members were then invited to Goose Island backstage, and other stores in mumbles where they could hunt for some items they had spotted in the fashion show, and discover more of what Goose Island had to offer. Karen, Georgia, Katie and some of our warehouse staff, all were on hand to take any online orders and greet the members of the WI (a lot of ladies recognised the familiar faces from Facebook, and if you don't already, like and follow our Facebook page to watch our Facebook live showcases of styling tips and new styles).

During each show, our participation wasn't just the fashion. Goose Island also kindly donated a gift voucher for one of the WI ladies to win each day. This event was in conjunction with raising awareness for the community as well as raising money for the Women's Institute community. 

Overall the event and shows were a success, both with their aim to provide a positive and personal experience for the ladies of the WI, as well as raising awareness of the community and Goose Island's values. 

You can shop some of these looks here or pop into our mumbles store to see some of the showcased looks!

23 Newton Road, Mumbles, 


Mon - Sat, 10:00am - 5:30pm


Written By Georgia Rose


  • BD Wear

    For our business, I really look for these scanners. We have valuable material to work with thanks to your blog.

  • Susie Hill

    Hello, if you ever come up North, Peak District/ Derbyshire way and need a hand with fashion shows or even promoting Goose Island I am more than happy to help. I used to narrate fashion shows when I lived abroad and worked in a fashion boutique. I just love your clothes. I am 52 and 5ft 5inches. Waiting for my jeans to arrive today :) Keep doing what you are doing ❤️ Susie

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