Creating Visual Stimulation Through Window Displays

Ladies fashion window displaysWe believe that our window displays are like billboards for our shops. They can be the make-or-break factor in whether a customer enters our shop or walks on by.With this in mind, the team at each Goose Island shop follow some key rules when it comes to creating attractive and alluring window displays.The first thing we avoid is creating displays that are boring, cluttered or poorly lit.

And in addition to season displays, we also always bear in mind the current weather conditions, changing displays on a weekly basis to reflect how our customers may be feeling as they walk past the shops, like the display pictured right showcasing our summer collection during the warmer months.

christmas shop displaysWherever possible we try to tell a story. So, for Valentine’s Day for example, rather than simply cramming our displays with everything red, we look at visual props (such as a broken heart) to create a ‘sensation’ of some kind.  Again, at Christmas time, in our Mumbles shop, one display featured a range of red dresses, adorned with white faux fur snoods (creating an attractive and eye-catching but subtle Santa suit impression).  This display featured in our previous Mumbles shop won a prize for the best window display in the village.

 Though we understand the importance of displaying key pieces at eye level, we also suspend items from the ceiling or lower them close to the floor to create a ‘complete’ window presentation.

window displaysOur shop teams also brainstorm and develop window themes and ideas designed to surprise customers.  We are known, principally as a ladies’ fashion retailer, but we also sell a selection of furniture and home wares from the far East.  So, with access to larger furniture items and quirky ornaments such as lamps and tables, we mix and match our displays to showcase clothes against a backdrop straight from Bali.  This approach attracts both men and women into the stores by demonstrating that we offer more than simply ladies fashion collections.

 We don’t clutter our windows though.  We always aim to keep the displays clean as we find that less product conveys the impression of better quality.

Though our clothes are made up of an eclectic mix of styles, fabrics and colours, we always ensure that our window displays make a bold statement.  For our Spring and Summer collections for example, we tend to offer ladies a wide range of pastel colours.  However, we intersperse these with boldly coloured silks and tie-dye patterns, using these contrasting hues to create colourful impact, which in turn draws people’s eyes to the displays and into the shops.

As mentioned, updating displays regularly is very important otherwise, rather like wallpaper, people get used to them and simply walk past without seeing them.  We firmly believe that more often we change our windows, the more people will look at them.

lighting window displaysLighting is also very important and a primary concern rather than an afterthought, particularly as both of our shops are on busy shopping streets and will catch the eye of drivers as well as pedestrians. A key tip we have learned when it comes to lighting is that we avoid hanging lights directly above a product to avoid creating shadows. Instead, we use lighting to highlight focal points and leaving on a few spotlights once we close for the night.

Not all the premises around us do this so the Goose Island shops stand out like a “beacon of visual stimulation."



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