Dressing for Spring

We’re nearly at the end of March, and there is definitely a hint of spring in the air as we are seeing a few more hours of daylight and daffodils springing up from the grass. However, the weather is by no means spring-like as temperatures still hover around the 7°C area and with regular bursts of rain and clouds. So, what can you wear when the weather is so changeable during this time of year?

If you are like us then you are fed up of wearing your thick winter knits, and can’t wait to put them back into storage until next winter, but then what do you wear when it’s still a bit chilly? Chances are that if it is cold enough for a thick woolly jumper at this time of year, then once you go inside, you will overheat quite easily, and when the sun does shine between the clouds, you will find that you look a bit out of place in a big jumper. Any knitwear you opt for this time of year should be lightweight, and something you can layer, such as a cardigan. Another great item to wear for this transitional period of the year is dresses.

There are a wide variety of different dress styles available, and it is a good idea at this time of year to have a few different ones in your wardrobe for all different occasions and weather situations. You can wear long sleeved dresses with a coat when the weather is particularly nasty, or you could wear a lighter dress with just a simple cardigan when the weather is more favourable. In each of these instances it is possible to add extra layers to keep you warm, but you will find that you won’t overheat if the sun should come out.

Dresses are one of our clients’ most popular choices and so for each new season we always ensure we offer ladies a selection of styles, designs and fabrics to suit all tastes and shapes.  Whether it’s linen lace or jersey; stripes, flowers or simply a pretty plain colour, we guarantee a dress for everyone and for many different occasions.

Some of the latest styles we have introduced for Spring 2017 include:

Black Long Stripe Tie Dress  Flower Print Tunic Dress     White Linen Tunic Dress   


Ladies striped tunic dress

Ladies floral print dress

ladies white linen tunic dress









For more fabulous dress styles for both Spring and Summer, check out the full range in the dresses section on our website – www.goose-island.co.uk/dresses.

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