Flattering and Affordable Options for Maternity Wear

Flattering and Affordable Options for Maternity Wear

Not every pregnant woman wants to wear maternity clothes that are unflattering, ugly and not in line with their usual fashion style and choice. It’s the same reason why many women feel that plus sized clothes are ugly. Do designers think that anyone with a little bit of weight on them doesn’t care about wearing smart clothes?


Ask any woman who has been through a pregnancy – few maternity clothes are pretty flattering or suit everyone’s style or taste. And when you do eventually find the perfect selection of maternity wear, they will usually come at a premium price.


The collections of fashion retailer Goose Island have been a popular choice among pregnant women for many years. Though the Goose Island brands are not specifically designed as maternity wear, they are an ideal option for expectant mums as they tend to be loose fitting, layered and in natural fabrics that are easy to wear. What’s more, they can be worn after the pregnancy as a valuable and comfortable addition to your day-to-day wardrobe.


Click here to listen to Goose Island owner Karen Hutchings explain why many of her collections are suitable to wear during pregnancy.


By being aware of the popularity of their collections by pregnant women, the team at Goose Island has identified a number of classic and affordable tops and dresses which are ideal to take you right through your pregnancy and beyond.



A stylish, but not-too-trendy tunic top is a necessity, especially if you are continuing to work throughout your pregnancy. When you think you have nothing that fits, this will be your go-to top to wear over skirts or trousers.

Below we have selected a number of flattering and affordable tunics that are ideal for any occasion and will remain easy to wear as that bump of yours grows.

Left to right: Plain Plum Batwing Tunic (£39.99) available in a choice of colours; Pink Lace Layered Tunic (£49.99); and a Sequin Shirt Dress (£39.99).


Looking Good In Layers

Layers are a great option when it comes to covering the bump and looking smart and trendy at the same time. The layered tops with undershirts in our new Autumn 2016 collection can be mixed and matched with other items in your wardrobe even after the baby is born.

From left to right: Printed Jumper with White Shirt ; Crochet Top with White Shirt ; Rust Lace Trim Jumper with Shirt. All items are £49.99.


Dressing Up

Most women, pregnant or not, usually feel pretty and feminine when wearing a dress. It’s best to avoid tight dresses with zips or other fastenings as they won’t be flattering or practical as your pregnancy progresses. Neither to do you want a standard, balloon-style maternity dress that looks more like a tent! We have a range of dresses in pretty colours and stylish designs that slip easily over the head for ease and comfort which will sit neatly on your growing bump.

From left to right: Plum Long Plain Dress (£34.99); Rust Pocket Short Sleeve Dress (£29.99); Green Mohair and Lace Layered Tunic Dress (£59.99).


For more ideas on maternity wear from Goose Island, visit our website here.

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