Get styled in silk this spring

Get Styled in Silk This Spring
Here’s a little trick we’ve learnt in our years in the fashion industry: if you want your clothing to last a lifetime, invest in quality, long-lasting fabrics. And top of that list? Beautiful, elegant silk. Timeless, chic and understatedly sophisticated, it’s the one fabric guaranteed never to go out of style.

Just in time for spring, our latest collection is made up of the finest silks in the most elegant styles. Pick from our exclusive range of tunics, maxi dresses, skirts and scarves, all designed in the most exquisite Italian silk.

Effortless Style, the Graceful Way

Few fabrics impart that diaphanous springtime aesthetic quite as well as silk. Find your perfect silk silhouette this season - maybe it’s an easy-fit floaty silk tunic dress for a casual Saturday brunch, or for a more formal event, an ankle-grazing maxi dress that drapes elegantly down your legs.

Then there are the options for office wear - simply pair a delicate silk blouse with tailored black pants for a professional work ensemble that’s instantly chic with minimal effort. Due to the versatile free-form nature of silk, you’ll find that silk items adhere perfectly to the female form. No need to worry about any transparency either - our fine silk items are lined in light jersey fabric for added dimension and all-day comfort.

A Healthy Choice
Who ever knew that clothing could contribute to better health? An ability to lock in moisture makes silk uniquely able to regulate the temperature of the body. In cold weather, it preserves body heat and in warmer temperatures, it keeps moisture away from the skin leaving you cool and collected. Sensitive skin? No problem - silk is naturally hypoallergenic making it a dream fabric for anyone suffering from allergies or sensitive skin conditions. Style meets comfort - just perfect!

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