Get Wrapped in Style This Spring

If you ask us, nothing says bright and breezy spring style quite like a beautifully patterned scarf. And - to be honest - our spring temperatures do often require some kind of cover-up even on the sunniest of days.

This spring season, we’ve got you covered with the brightest, prettiest selection of printed scarves. Our latest collection includes printed and embroidered scarves that channel the true spirit of the season - fun, lighthearted and unashamedly feminine. 

A Blooming Delight

Is there anything more quintessentially spring-like than bright, blooming florals? Yep, we agree. That’s why we’ve drawn inspiration from the prettiest spring flowers to bring you a wide selection of scarves adorned in swirling floral prints. Find everything from wispy daisy prints to bold, dramatic hand-woven designs finely embroidered on.

Then we get the most beautiful symbol of spring - fluttering butterflies in the season’s most eye-catching colors. In sticking with the natural, abstract springtime theme, our range of scarves further come bedecked in cheeky butterflies of every shape and density. Set against a backdrop of luscious shades from soft pastels to rich jewel tones, you’re bound to find your next must-have springtime accessory.

Metallic Muse

There’s nothing like a bit of subtle bling to really top off an outfit, don’t you think? If an evening event calls for a little cover-up, how about a light scarf adorned in fine metallic sparkle to wrap around your shoulders? Choose between white and silver polka dots or even something beach-inspired with embossed silver shells.
Those preferring something more toned down but still equally as elegant, you won’t go wrong with classic navy blue, light grey and charcoal. Fine prints and patterns from stars to Aztec designs adorn these light scarves to add an edgy twist to traditionally muted shades.


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