Goose Island Co-Hosts Fashion Show for the WI

Goose Island was extremely pleased to have co-hosted an exclusive fortnight of fashion shows for the ladies of The Women’s Institute, in partnership with Solo, another ladies fashion shop based in Mumbles.

Ladies fashion showOriginally set up to encourage women to produce more food during the First World War, the WI has grown to become the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the UK. The organisation used to have a rather dated reputation consisting of older women that get together for tea and cake; but in fact the organisation stands as a pillar of female camaraderie that provides thousands of women with educational opportunities, the chance to learn new skills, the opportunity to experience new activities, and the drive to campaign on issues that are important to them, their families, and their communities.

WI Fashion show Goose IslandOver 1000 members of the Glamorgan WI headed to Mumbles to attend the two-weeks full of fashion shows at the Norton House Hotel in Mumbles, and Goose Island and Solo were delighted to be involved with such a beloved organisation. The fashion shows took place during May 2017, with many exciting raffle prizes won every day. Following each fashion show, the members of the WI were transported to the Goose Island and Solo shops where they had a chance to browse the clothes featured in the fashion shows.

Fashion show for ladiesIt is a great honour for two, local, independent stores to be chosen to organise and participate in this event. With over 8 models and 32 outfits in each show, it was an extremely exciting but busy couple of weeks, and a great opportunity for Solo and Goose Island to showcase their new and original summer collections, along with the wonderful atmosphere of the Mumbles boutique fashion scene.



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