Hello sunshine, hello summer wardrobe!

At last, the grey clouds have parted, the temperature has risen and it finally looks like summer has arrived. It’s the end of May and soon the holiday season will be in full swing. So it’s finally time to ditch those dark colours and chunky knits and swap them for a lighter, fresher, brighter summer wardrobe.  

We don’t know how long it will last so let’s all make the most of it. Swap those winter browns for this seasons hot pinks, upbeat oranges and crisp white linen.

Ditch the denim and liberate the linen, wave goodbye to the woollens and embrace the elegant floaty silks.


Transform your style from fireside to festival, from sun seeker to sun lover and make the most of this beautiful weather in elegant, easy style.

Enjoy the live music, lunchtime walks and evening bbqs, make the most of the beach trip, bank holidays and family picnics, but most of all embrace and exploit those summer outfits before the clouds return and the long dark winter nights are back. Don’t bat your curled, tinted eyelashes too long, just in case you miss it all!



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