Hide Your Bingo Wings with Style

If you’ve never heard the term before, Bingo Wings are the name given to those jiggly areas of fat and extra skin under the arm that we all seem to develop as we get older.  Despite the funny name, the problem is not so funny; and even the most confident of women can feel self-conscious about wearing sleeveless or short-sleeve clothing.

There’s no doubt that exercise and diet can help tone and shape the problem areas, but there are also plenty of fashion tricks you can use to hide them as well.

The team at Goose Island are conscious that many of their customers are ‘of a certain age’ and so generally prefer to cover up their upper arms.  So we’ve come up with some advice on what not to wear, how to draw attention away from the upper arms and some ideas from our own online collection of summer tops and dresses.

Cover up bingo wings with sleevesDon’t wear cap sleeves. You might think cap-sleeve tops or dresses are a better alternative than sleeveless, but they hit you right at the part of the arm that is the widest, and simply make your arms look heavier. A better alternative is to go with an elbow-length top like our polka dot silk top or even bracelet-length light top.

Don’t wear puffed sleeves. If you wear short sleeves, sometimes the Bingo Wings can still show so that last thing you want to do is draw attention to them with more volume like puffy sleeves (which aren’t the best look on older women anyway.)

cold shoulder top to cover bingo wingsDo wear cutaway shoulders. If you are going to wear sleeveless, make sure the armholes are cut away to show a substantial amount of shoulder. Your arms will look longer and sleeker with more shoulder showing. You can also try cold-shoulder looks that expose your shoulders, but still have sleeves to hide under-the-arm heaviness.  This summer we’ve introduced a range of cold-shoulder tops that are proving popular with clients of all ages.

Dropped shoulder top to cover bingo wingsDo wear dropped sleeve or off the shoulder tops such as our cool cotton drop sleeve top.  You can get around Bingo Wings by wearing long-sleeve or short-sleeve tops that are off the shoulder on at least one side. You get the benefit of showing a little skin in a lean part of your body (every woman has sexy shoulders) plus you can hide underarm jiggle.

Don’t wear elastic or cuffed short sleeves. Tightness around a heavier area only accentuates the problem. If you do opt for short sleeves, make sure there is plenty of “give” to your top or it has a wider opening.

Illusion top to cover bingo wingsDo try illusion tops like our lace edged sleeve kaftan. Another way to disguise extra weight under the upper arm is to opt for illusion fabric, which is a sheer net or mesh look.

Don’t wear tight knits. The tighter the bodice and sleeves are, the more apparent the heavy arms are. Look for knits that are forgiving and flowing instead.

One item of clothing no woman who is conscious of her upper arms should be without is a classic shrug.  Our light and to easy wear range come in a huge choice of colours and are suitable for both summer and winter. 

Do draw the eye away. Focus the eye away from Bingo Wings by wearing an alluring neckline, an oversized bow or striking jewellery to be the focus of attention,

bracelets to draw attention to your wristsDon’t skip bracelets.  One of trick for carrying off short-sleeve tops with less-than-perfect arms: piles of bracelets. It’s amazing how this can draw attention to your wrists (and who doesn’t have great wrists?) instead of up to the flabby arms.

For more ideas on how to cover up those Bingo Wings, check out our full range of ladies clothing at our online shop at www.goose.island.co.uk.


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