Layered Combinations for a Stylish Look

There’s no such thing as too many outfit ideas—especially when those ideas include genius ways to layer without looking bulky. To help you avoid wearing the same clothing combinations all season, we’ve come up with some fresh layering ideas to keep you fresh and stylish.

Some of us may remember layering from the 1980’s when the fashion included cropped, off-the-shoulder jumper over a stripy vest top with a ra-ra skirt over leggings – and a pair of Dr Martens boots. On a more sophisticated level, Donna Karan was doing things in a much more grown-up fashion; using elegant layering by creating figure-flattering separates in luxurious fabrics, designed to mix and match and go anywhere.

Layered ladies dressesThis idea of an interchangeable capsule wardrobe still applies today with the popularity of layered dresses. The advantage of this look is not only that the layers are flattering to any figure but that you have the option to use the individual items as layers or separates. Like this Plum two-piece flowered dress.  You can add further layers such as a scarf or poncho or simply take off the top layer to wear as a pretty, seasonal dress with court shoes and a wrap for a special occasion.  You can even mix and match the plain top with other layers such as  a white shirt or simply with a pair of jeans.

Layered jersey dressThe best advice is to keep your layering simple, as well as spending time working out what other possible outfit combinations your layers can offer with clothes from your existing wardrobe. This way you will create a number of reliable, comfortable, yet stunning outfits suitable for many occasions, helping to avoid early-morning fashion frenzies. Taking into account proportions is important so your layers don’t look too bulky. Ensure that the bottom layer is made from lightweight fabric and is a snug fit.  Good quality fabrics such as cotton or linen are advisable too. When it comes to the top layer, wool or jersey are the best options while subtle patterns work well in giving a textured look to your top. This Lagen-look dress combination is made up of a simple, cotton under-dress with a jersey over-dress and matching scarf.

Layered tunicColours are important too.  We usually recommend wearing tonal colours with the darkest layer close to your body and the lightest outside.  Choice of colour is always down to personal preferences and complexion but tan is always a good colour for autumn and winter, being reflective of seasonal colours. Importantly, tan as a shade looks good on most people.  In our current winter collection, we have a number of flattering, Made in Italy designs including this tan, cowl neck knit dress which can be layered over trousers, leggings or opaque tights depending on your plans for the day and the weather conditions.

Pale pink layered dressThe aim of layering is to look chic and yet feel comfortable – which is why go-anywhere layered-dress combinations options are so popular.  Some of our designs can be worn all year round, either with a layer or without.   One of our best sellers this season has been this long knit, mohair pink dress.  The pastel shade means the style can be worn at any time of the year and the length combined with the layering, makes the design extremely flattering.

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