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Goose Island — Award Winning Women's Clothing Fashion Retailer

Let’s talk today about how quarantine changes our perception of fashion and style. Since people spent weeks stuck in isolation, we moulded into beds and sofas every day. It is no longer a secret that loungewear became the most popular type of clothes and lockdown fashion spread through the internet with lightning speed! 

This fashion trend is emerging and will continue for years, according to many fashion experts. They claim that high-quality loungewear like Goose Island will be top wanted in the fashion industry. And I can explain why! I love Goose Island loungewear because it is comfortable everyday clothing with just a bit of refinement. 

Here you can see the best items of Goose Island that I love:       

I was wearing Goose Island loungewear clothing for weeks in quarantine. I love its relaxed tailoring, slouchy trousers, soft and silky fabrics, cropped sweatshirts with something special like a puffed sleeve or floral embroidery, or drawstring tassels on baggy linen pants. Also, I feel that I am supporting small businesses this way and helping the environment. Mass markets are no longer that popular because people, including myself, are getting more aware of our planet.  It is time for small brands to shine! Many people started to care about the environment and during lockdown supported small brands like Goose Island to help them get through these rough times. 

I can confidently say that Goose Island is one of the top trending small brands that produce high-quality loungewear for this special time. Visit Goose Island page to find their recent collection pieces! To get a 15% discount, please use code JUNE15! 


Written by Dominique Moselle


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