Stylish Summer Livin’


Summertime and the living is easy… well, at least, here at Goose Island it is. And while the weather is at it's summery best, we’re celebrating in the best way we know how - with the season’s prettiest, most lightweight fashion. We present to you the latest in Goose Island summer style.

Dressed to Impress


We’re going gaga for prints and patterns this summer. Why? Well, it’s the best way to add some flair and pizzazz to easygoing light linen fabric. The roomier and more comfortable the fit, the better. To really up the ante, go for a dress in a bright, luminous shade like fuchsia pink or peacock blue. The color options are endless this summer. Find your perfect complementary shade and get styled in comfort and class!


Topped Off in Style


Never let it be said that summer tops are too casual. The summer range at Goose Island proves that a light tailored blouse can be chic, refined and sophisticated. Style yours with a pair of sleek denim jeans for weekend wear or, for a cooler feel, go for white linen trousers. These body-skimming styles are also the perfect choice for day-to-day office wear. Pair your light summer blouse with tailored black trousers and you instantly create an ensemble that’s formal, chic and professional. 


Trouser Pressed


Harem pants are back again! But, if you asked us, they never really left. Slip into a pair of these lightweight wear-anywhere summer staples and enjoy all-day ease and comfort. They provide all the room and comfort you could ask for, whether it’s a morning yoga class or a lazy stroll along the beach. Our only bit of advice though? Pair your wide-legged pants with a top that’s form-fitting and preferably cropped at the waist. This is a look that screams all-out summer confidence. Ready, steady, style!

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