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Hello sunshine, hello summer wardrobe!

At last, the grey clouds have parted, the temperature has risen and it finally looks like summer has arrived. It’s the end of May and soon the holiday season will be in full swing. So it’s finally time to ditch those dark colours and chunky knits and swap them for a lighter, fresher, brighter summer wardrobe.   We don’t know how long it will last so let’s all make the most of it. Swap those winter browns for this seasons hot pinks, upbeat oranges and crisp white linen. Ditch the denim and liberate the linen, wave goodbye to the woollens and embrace the elegant floaty silks.   Transform your style from fireside to festival, from sun seeker to sun lover and...

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Hide Your Bingo Wings with Style

If you’ve never heard the term before, Bingo Wings are the name given to those jiggly areas of fat and extra skin under the arm that we all seem to develop as we get older.  Despite the funny name, the problem is not so funny; and even the most confident of women can feel self-conscious about wearing sleeveless or short-sleeve clothing. There’s no doubt that exercise and diet can help tone and shape the problem areas, but there are also plenty of fashion tricks you can use to hide them as well. The team at Goose Island are conscious that many of their customers are ‘of a certain age’ and so generally prefer to cover up their upper arms.  So...

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Fashion Tips to Keep You Cool and Fresh this Summer

Nobody wants to be a ‘sweaty Betty’ during the warmer summer months but how do you keep cool and fashionable all at the same time.     When the buying team at Goose Island go on the hunt for summer styles, they always bear in mind the key factors that will ensure our customers remain stylish even in the soaring sun.   We’ve prepared some guidance to help you to choose the clothing that will ensure you keep your cool in the hot weather.   Wear Loose Clothing   You should always keep your clothes loose, and the looser the better. The less fabric you have actually touching your body, the cooler you will be. Believe it or not, a loose and and flowing maxi dress will...

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