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Why Ladies Love Silk

There’s something very special about silk; it’s the feel of the fabric, the vibrancy of the colour and the way the fabric sits beautifully on the skin. What’s more, silk lights up your complexion, whether it’s a subtle scarf or sleek blouse peeking out from under your jacket, silk makes you stand out. And for ladies of a certain age, silk clothing is a flattering, occasional luxury that’s worth the extra money. Why do we say that? Firstly, provided the silk fabric isn’t too shiny nor too matte, a silk blouse in either a pale or vibrant colour will reflect light up to your face, giving you a healthy glow.  As your skin ages, an attractive, light-reflecting fabric will make...

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Latest Spring Styles from Goose Island

We love Spring at Goose Island, and we can certainly feel it with longer days and warmer weather. We have a lot going on in our shops and online, including our beautiful new Spring range. As the warmer Spring months start to materialise, we have introduced a great selection of dresses, tops and tunics in flattering fabrics, bright florals, delicate lace, luxurious linen and sensuous silks. The cold shoulder look is back again this season.  If you haven’t already noticed, shoulders are now an important fashion focal point.  Off the shoulder tops are popular for both day and evening, but what’s really taken off are cold shoulder tops, particularly for the over 40 lifestyles. Cold shoulder tops are less dramatic and...

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