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Maxi Dress It!

Maxi-dress it!Wow it’s been hot, and how we love it. I’m not complaining but it’s hard for a girl to maintain the glamour when the temperature starts to melt the makeup and mix up your pre-planned matches!Long tops, short tops, vest tops, loose trousers, shorts or a skirt? It’s too hot to think and too hot to care! Let’s face it the less time we need to spend thinking about the outfit, the more time we have to get out there and enjoy this stunning weather. That’s where our maxi-dresses can step in to help you out! Simply slip it on, and your whole look is sorted in one clever, stylish garment. Elegant silhouettes, full coverage, loose flowing fabrics and...

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What is Lagenlook?

What is Lagenlook?Lagenlook is a German word. Lagen literally translated means layers; a layered look.This growing trend is widespread throughout Europe and provides the individual with a quirky style, turning individual outfits into a work of art. There are no rules, simply mix and match your clothes, combining fabrics lengths and designs to create the look you are aiming for. Lagenlook can create an easy glamour for any occasion while providing comfort and individuality, suitable for day and evening wear, flexible and creative whether it’s sunny or cool, the possibilities are endless. Layering is perfect for our climate and ideal for the traveller. Individual pieces tend to be lightweight and Goose Island offer some beautiful and unique designs.There is a...

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Layered Combinations for a Stylish Look

There’s no such thing as too many outfit ideas—especially when those ideas include genius ways to layer without looking bulky. To help you avoid wearing the same clothing combinations all season, we’ve come up with some fresh layering ideas to keep you fresh and stylish. Some of us may remember layering from the 1980’s when the fashion included cropped, off-the-shoulder jumper over a stripy vest top with a ra-ra skirt over leggings – and a pair of Dr Martens boots. On a more sophisticated level, Donna Karan was doing things in a much more grown-up fashion; using elegant layering by creating figure-flattering separates in luxurious fabrics, designed to mix and match and go anywhere. This idea of an interchangeable capsule...

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