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Maxi Dress It!

Maxi-dress it!Wow it’s been hot, and how we love it. I’m not complaining but it’s hard for a girl to maintain the glamour when the temperature starts to melt the makeup and mix up your pre-planned matches!Long tops, short tops, vest tops, loose trousers, shorts or a skirt? It’s too hot to think and too hot to care! Let’s face it the less time we need to spend thinking about the outfit, the more time we have to get out there and enjoy this stunning weather. That’s where our maxi-dresses can step in to help you out! Simply slip it on, and your whole look is sorted in one clever, stylish garment. Elegant silhouettes, full coverage, loose flowing fabrics and...

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Are you holiday ready?

You have booked the flights, sorted the hotel and arranged the transport. You have found your passports and printed out the itinerary... twice, just in case. But now it’s time to think about the serious business... packing! It’s going to be sunny, or at least you hope so, but maybe it will cool down enough for a wrap or light shrug on those late night walks back from the bistro, bar or along the beach. How do you pack for all eventualities without exceeding that dreaded baggage allowance? Thin layers are the key. Lightweight fabrics that roll or fold small for the suitcase, but that can be combined to create easy layers of comfort without compromising on style (after all...

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Get styled in silk this spring

Get Styled in Silk This SpringHere’s a little trick we’ve learnt in our years in the fashion industry: if you want your clothing to last a lifetime, invest in quality, long-lasting fabrics. And top of that list? Beautiful, elegant silk. Timeless, chic and understatedly sophisticated, it’s the one fabric guaranteed never to go out of style. Just in time for spring, our latest collection is made up of the finest silks in the most elegant styles. Pick from our exclusive range of tunics, maxi dresses, skirts and scarves, all designed in the most exquisite Italian silk. Effortless Style, the Graceful Way Few fabrics impart that diaphanous springtime aesthetic quite as well as silk. Find your perfect silk silhouette this season...

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