Top Three Fabrics to Wear this Autumn

The catwalks of London, Paris and Milan may well be showcasing the styles and fabrics for next Spring and Summer, but at Goose Island our focus remains firmly on preparing your wardrobe for the Winter months. But it’s not all about wrapping up in fluffy jumpers and anoraks!  Fashion is equally as important during the colder months, particularly with the festive party season fast approaching.

Importantly, your choice of fabric can be equally as vital as the colours and styles you choose too. There are three key fabrics that we recommend for your winter wardrobe that will complement many of your existing outfits, whilst adding flair and style to your overall look.

Classy Cashmere

We all love cashmere; whether it’s a jumper, cardigan or coat, it’s like putting on a soft, rich fabric that caresses the skin, making you feel instantly glamorous.

Every woman wants to own at least one good cashmere jumper or cardigan for those occasions when she needs to feel special.  Wearing cashmere can lift you up when you’re feeling down and make you feel attractive and desirable when minutes before you felt plain and dowdy.

There are many benefits to wearing cashmere besides just the fantastic look and feel of the fabric. Cashmere keeps you warm on the coldest of days while still being a lightweight fabric. Heavy wool sweaters are warm, but they are also bulky and can take up a lot of storage room. Cashmere folds nicely, with very little space needed; though to maintain their shape, it always best to fold your cashmere tops in a drawer rather than hang them in the wardrobe.

Cashmere is such a versatile option when it comes to dressing an outfit up or down.   Whether you are opting for a maxi cashmere dress,  cashmere jumper or tunic  or cashmere poncho for example, they look great in pastel as well as darker colours and can be paired with leggings or jeans for a casual look or with smart black trousers or knee length boots for a more formal feel.

Sophisticated Silk

Silk is a fabric that can be worn all year round so an investment in any item of silk clothing will stand you in good stead for every season.

 There’s something very special about silk; it’s the feel of the fabric, the vibrancy of the colour and the way the fabric sits beautifully on the skin.

What’s more, silk lights up your complexion, whether it’s a subtle scarf or sleek blouse peeking out from under your jacket, silk makes you stand out. And for ladies of a certain age, silk clothing is a flattering, occasional luxury that’s worth the extra money. Why do we say that?

Firstly, provided the silk fabric isn’t too shiny nor too matte, a silk top, whether in a pale or darker colour will reflect light up to your face, giving you a healthy glow.  As your skin ages, an attractive, light-reflecting fabric will make your skin look good with less makeup.  And as many of us over 40’s are aware, wearing a lot of makeup can make you look a lot older as the foundation settles into your wrinkles.

Even more importantly, silk hangs well on the body as silk tops and dresses generally have a good drape.  This season, we have introduced a number of flattering yet practical silk tops that you can wear for almost any occasion including a plain batwing silk top (ideal for evening wear); a polka dot silk top that can be dressed up or down; and an abstract patterned top in a choice of autumn colours.

Elegant Mohair

This beautiful wool is known as the ‘Diamond fibre’, due to its high lustre and inherent strength. But what else is special about mohair? It is often mixed with other fibres for winter practicality, but is also fantastic in its own right. In fact, mohair wool is used in a huge range of products, from bespoke tailored suits, jumpers, coats, soft scarves to upholstery and teddy bears. The finer wool from younger goats is usually used to make clothes, whilst the thicker wool is used for heavier items.

The main attraction of mohair wool is that it is extremely soft, making it an ideal fabric for people with sensitive skin or who find sheep wool a bit itchy and uncomfortable. It is also insulating, without absorbing heat, so it regulates your body temperature, so you always feel fresh and warm.

Elasticity is another brilliant feature of mohair, as its fibres can be twisted and shaped without being damaged. tough yarn, withstanding up to three times the rubbing of sheep wool. It also takes dye very well, making it a great choice for any colour option.

This season, we’ve taken our range of mohair styles to the next level by introducing a choice of elegant and sophisticated mohair dresses and tunics for ladies who are looking for a soft, easy-to-wear fabric in flattering, free-size styles.  These include a number two-layered options such as this pale pink mohair dress worn over a cotton under dress. We also have a cowl neck mohair knit top and layered over a plain jersey dress and a round neck mohair tunic layered over a plain black dress.

For more ideas on how to enhance  your winter wardrobe with flattering fabrics and colours, call on down to one of our shops in Cowbridge or Mumbles or visit our website

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