Tunic Tops for Women

A tunic is a highly flexible fashion style which can be worn as a top or a dress, depending on its style or length.  Tunics and other long tops for women have become extremely popular through recent years, but the tunic actually originated all the way back to ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks commonly wore a kind of tunic, which was subsequently adapted and altered through the ages by the Romans, through the Medieval period, the 19th century, and right to the modern variations that we see today. Of course, the term ‘tunic’ has now been adopted by women’s fashion, and has become a staple in a lot of women’s wardrobes.

There is a huge variety of tunic tops available for women, and they are sold in almost every high street and boutique clothes shop. In recent years, tunics come in many different shapes and fabrics ranging from cotton and linen tunics for warmer weather, tunic dresses for women to wear on night’s out, floral patterned tunic tops, and much more. Our generation of shoppers seems to have fallen in love with tunics in the UK, and they are now one of the most popular style of women’s tops.

Why do women like long tunic tops?

Women have come to seek out long tunic tops more and more, and keep them as staples in their wardrobes. But why is that? There is such a variety of long tunic tops available, and they are incredibly versatile. A long white tunic top can be worn with jeans for a casual, everyday look, with a pair shorts and sandals in the summer, or even black trousers for a suitable office look. A white tunic can also be dressed up and down with accessories, such as different necklaces, scarves, or bags. For cooler climes, a light wool tunic adorned with lace is the perfect fit for any occasion.  Tunics can also be worn under other items of clothing such as a jacket or a cardigan to create flattering layers, like the mohair jacket and tunic pictured below right.


ladies tunictops


A lot of women also suffer with body confidence, and can be self-conscious about certain parts of their physique, such as their arms, stomach, or their hips. Long tunic tops for women have proved to be extremely popular with women who feel that they would prefer to hide these areas of their bodies, and with women of any age who feel self-conscious about their bodies.

The general shape of tunic tops means that the length usually falls at the top of the thighs, and along with the loose, straight shape, this means that the stomach and hips are covered in a way that doesn’t draw attention to them, while still looking stylish. Long tunic tops usually also have longer sleeves to cover the arms, which a lot of women are self-conscious of. The tunic is a great piece of clothing because it can offer women an adaptable and stylish option that is always on trend, while not inspiring worry that they might have to sacrifice comfort for style.

Women’s Tunic Tops and Dresses at Goose Island



woollen  ladies tunic topAt Goose Island, we also love long tunic tops, and we have found that they are some of our most popular items, and all of our staff also love wearing them. Our tunic tops for women are extremely versatile, and can be worn for a casual everyday look, or for parties and nights out. We seek out only the best Italian made tunics to ensure that the cut and quality are as high as possible, which means that our tunics are suitable for almost all body types, and flattering for any figure, like this purple tunic top with cord pockets, accessorised with a contrasting scarf.


Take a look at our website to see our full range of tunic tops or call in our stores at Mumbles or Cowbridge for a first-hand view of our complete selection.


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