Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Woman in Your Life

As women we understand: it can be a real struggle for our men to find the ideal Christmas or birthday gift that will impress and please us.  And when it comes to Valentine’s Day, the challenge becomes even harder.   Should he invest in an expensive gift (or will that give out the wrong idea); are chocolates meaningful enough (probably not and she’s probably on a diet anyway).

So how can we help our men to find the right gift without too much stress and strain.  The answer is in front of your eyes – Goose Island.

With two shops in Cowbridge and Mumbles plus an extensive selection of clothing and other gift ideas online, we offer the ideal solution to your husband, fiancé or boyfriend’s Valentine gift blues.

If your Valentine’s Date knows you a bit better, then he may be persuaded to buy you something a bit more flamboyant such as a jackets, wraps, cardigans or tops.   What’s so great about many of the Goose Island styles is that they are free style (or one-size) so he doesn’t need to get hung up on buying the right size, or even offending you by buying the wrong size.  And we’ve just introduced a selection from our Spring collection, so you could be the first to show-off these brand new styles.

Ladies tops for Valentine's Day

Valentines day accessoriesIt’s worth remembering, that if your relationship is relatively new, then your man will be even more undecided about what to buy you.   Our range of gift items for ladies includes handbags, scarves and many other accessories in a range of styles, colours and prices are all thoughtful and meaningful gifts (particularly if you can give a few hints on your favourite colour scheme).   We even have some quirky faux fur scarves and waistcoats that we guarantee the lady in your life will love.

And if you’re married or living together, we also have a fabulous range of giftware and home wares in Vintage or Balinese styles, that will not only adorn your home but also stay with you for years as a reminder of this  very special Valentine’s Day. 


Valentines gifts homewares

These gift ideas along with gift vouchers are available in stores or on-line at

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