Are there more emotions in your wardrobe than clothes?

I have no shame in admitting that I’m guilty of being a bit of a clothes hoarder. Each time I vow to have a wardrobe clear out; I seem to come up with reasons why I can’t possibly part with that item I haven’t worn for the past ten years. Apart from the usual “it will definitely fit me again one day” excuse, I definitely have items that mean much more than just the fabric itself.

Do we all have an emotional connection to our wardrobe?

Whether it's because of the memories associated with them or simply the feeling of comfort and familiarity it brings, there are something special about these clothes that hold so much more than just the shape of our bodies.

Our wardrobes are not just filled with clothes – they're filled with stories and emotions too. From stains on clothes that remind us of past adventures to treasure items passed down from generations before us; each item has its own meaning beyond its fabric composition.

What items of clothing are destined to stay with us?

I’m sure we all have items that represent moments in time and remind us of different chapters in our lives. Maybe it's an old blazer you wore when you got your first job or the dress you wore on your wedding day – whatever they are, they evoke strong feelings and bring back those memories vividly.

Clothes can represent people who were once close to us; a favourite jumper that reminds us of our mum or dad may still hold on to their smell even years after they've gone. Our closets are filled with memories of loved ones who we will never forget, which is why we often keep their clothes for ourselves as a way to honour them and keep them close by.

Cosy Carina Jumper

When my mum passed away and my surprise to how much I thought of her clothes. The jumper I wanted to keep that had nothing special about it at all – except for that it was hers.

Now each time I wear it, it feels like a huge hug on those difficult days. I still remember when I was little and being in awe of my mums shoe and bag collection – I’m not sure how she would feel that from all her treasured pieces, I wanted a casual jumper that she would throw on to wear around the house!

What is the connection between fabric and our loved ones?

It can be incredibly difficult to part with these items as they represent a connection not only with a person but also with a moment in time that may never come again. It’s something particularly special to hold on to, something tangible that reminds us of those times we shared with our loved ones.

How many of you have held on to your children’s baby clothes? To have the ability to hold that little babygro and remember how tiny those little fingers and toes were! The days before your daughters couldn’t sneak into your room and help themselves to your sparkles and shoes, never to be seen again!

Mum and daughter photoshoot

Goose Island Coats 
I may have gone one further and kept my dogs first ever collar that he was wearing when I bought him home. I still pull the same face to this day four years later when I hold it. It barely fits around his nose now and does nothing but gathers dust in the back of a drawer. It’s worth keeping just for those days where I do come across it and feel my heart flutter again like the first day I saw him.

Do we all have those items from special occasions?

Some clothes just have so much meaning attached to them that we simply can't let go; special occasion dresses from birthdays or proms that remind us of important milestones in our lives. No matter how much time passes, certain pieces always remain timeless in our wardrobes and bring back those happy memories year after year.

You might have clothes from special events like weddings or anniversaries that are hard to let go of. These clothes represent joyous occasions and happy times in your life which makes them invaluable even if they no longer fit properly or are too outdated for modern fashion trends.

Goose Island Partywear

What are creative ways we can reuse items?

Instead of getting rid of these items, think of creative ways to repurpose them such as turning them into a quilt or having them framed as artwork for your home. That way you can keep the memory alive without taking up unnecessary space in your wardrobe! We always need that extra bit of closet space!

Do you also have pieces from your favourite nights out that you can't seem to let go ?

There are those pieces that simply evoke happy memories every time you look at them—even if they don't necessarily represent any sort of special occasion or person.

You might have an old t-shirt from Uni days that brings back fond memories every time you see it or an outfit from a night out with friends that made you feel invincible, no matter how much you suffered the next day!

No matter what anyone says, I will forever hold on to the dalmatian onesie that my Uni friends and I danced the night away in. Comfiest night out ever, and if I could wear this on every night out I really wouldn’t hesitate!

sequin dress,  emerald colour dress, black heels

Should challenging times equal comfort clothes?

When going through particularly challenging times, as we all do – there always seems to be a ritual I follow as a pick me up. No matter how comfy and cosy they are, I can’t say that sitting around in my mismatched pyjamas makes me ooze with confidence and feel brighter.

Everyone has their own unique style that makes them who they are – the first step to getting out of a slump for me is dressing more me.

Even by just throwing my hair into a messy bun, slapping on some moisturiser, and putting on my go to outfit gives me that extra oomph to remember who I am and what I’m capable of. We all have those certain outfits that seems to bring out an alter ego we keep buried inside!

Goose Island Loungewear

Are our clothes holding on to our negative emotions?

There’s no denying that our wardrobes and style choices can also hold on to negative emotions – nobody wants to do this, but it seems we can’t help ourselves! How does it really make us feel when we pull out those jeans that no longer fit?

I often feel frustrated and a bit down in the dumps when I pull out outfits I used to love and filled me with confidence that I now can’t fit past my thighs! They then tend to be thrown in a grump filled pile at the top of my wardrobe not to be seen until the next time I decide to beat myself up!

We deal with enough on goings and negative feelings to push past in our lives – are we just torturing ourselves forcing ourselves to look at our former shapes instead of embracing our new ones?

Do you need a wardrobe clear out?

Deciding whether or not to keep an item is entirely up to personal preference and circumstance. If an item holds onto too many memories for you to throw away then chances are it’s worth keeping around!

However, if your wardrobe is overflowing then perhaps it might be best to consider donating some less significant items so that others can benefit from their use while still preserving their original purpose—to bring smiles and warm feelings into our lives whenever we put them on! It's all about finding balance between holding onto old memories while still making room for new ones!

SO, what type of emotions are in your wardrobe?

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