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At Goose Island, we're out there doing our bit, both big and small, for charities close to our heart. Rest assured, our donations go to good causes, movements we believe in and local communities are just the beginning for us. We endeavour to make a positive change with the platform and resources we have, and will continue to work towards ways in which we can do better and be better to help and support those in need. Here are some of the ways in which we're showing our support, and it won't stop here.. we're in this for the long run.

Goose island is committed to raising money for charities. We have donated up to £50,000 to a local children’s hospice Ty Hafan to date, given up to £40,000 to our nearest hospital to help fund cancer research projects, purchase specialist equipment and have proudly fund local hospital wards. We regularly participate in charity fashion shows to raise money for charities such as the WI and MacMillan, and also contribute raffle prizes and donation boxes. In our stores, we even ensure the compulsory bag charge goes to a good cause.

In light of the heart-braking news with the Ukrainian war, Goose Island have been striving to provide donations for those in need to support the families in Ukraine, who have come over to the UK to seek support. We have sent in total, to the Royal Trinity Hospice, four boxes of stock and gave around 500 pieces to a local church (Mount Calvary, Manselton) who are organising a few different avenues to make good use of them including clothes banks for Ukrainian refugees and woman’s hospices.

It costs £15 million to run Trinity each year, and as they are only partially funded by the NHS they massively rely on the generosity and kindness of donors to be able to carry on with their services, allowing them to provide skilled care and support to 2,400 patients and those close to them. Supporting Trinity shows our commitment to the well-loved charity and the wider community. 
Keep your eyes peeled for our next move when it comes to giving back..
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