Goose Island APP - FAQ's

How do I download the app?


The links below will take you directly to the app on the Apple Store and Google Play store.

Apple Store (Apple): Click this link for Apple devices

Google Play Store (Android): Click this link for Android devices

Via the App Stores:

Type Goose island in the search bar within the store to find our app.


How do I switch notifications back on?

Simply delete the app and reinstall. When you reinstall you will be asked Allow/Disallow notifications. Select 'Allow'

What are the benefits of 'Allowing' notifications?

One of the ways we've always communicated with our customers is through email.

Over the years with privacy changes and servers tightening up the spam filters more and more of you are not receiving our emails. Even local customers who are notified when their orders are ready to be picked up are finding the email in their junk box.

This means you are missing out on our special sales, competitions, new stock arriving announcements and so much more.

Going forward this will be one of the main ways we will communicate with you, our customers, as you are guaranteed to receive our announcements if you select "Allow Notifications" when you download our app.

Here's all the reasons you should "Allow Notifications" and the benefits to you:

i. You will be one of the first to be notified when new stock is arriving

ii. You will be one of the first to be notified when new stock is available to be purchased ... we mean within minutes of going live on our website

iii. On a more regular basis we will have spontaneous Facebook Live sales when customers can buy with great discounts such as our 'Outlet' sales. By selecting "Allow Notifications" when you download the app you are guaranteed to receive a notification of the sale from us.

iv. We developed our app to help you our customers get better deals and provide you with more opportunities to find the items you want before they are sold out. But, we also want it to be fun! So we are going to have regular free competitions where you can win prizes such as a £100 Goose Island voucher, or spin the wheel fun competitions where you can win other prizes. The idea is to have fun and no purchase is necessary to enter.

v. We have a massive audience who love our Facebook Lives and want to watch us live so as to be able to join in, comment and provide feedback live. Well now you will be able to join in as we will notify you when we are going Live whether it's our regular Friday and Monday lives, or one of our spontaneous Facebook Live sales.

Where do I find the terms and conditions for your competitions?

All the terms and conditions for our competitions via our app can be found on our app or on our website here.