Our Ethics

Goose island is a family run business, based in Llansamlet, Swansea. 
The majority of our stock is purchased from a variety of independent manufacturers in small towns near Florence, Italy. We are a business making a difference and we also, where possible, buy from the UK which helps reduce our carbon footprint. 
Although many of these areas have seen a mass immigration of Chinese workers, the well established Chinese community now own and run the majority of the factories there themselves. This has shifted the production within the area from the dwindling manufacture of fabric to the production of whole garments and has established profitable export markets to China that did not previously exist.
Italy still offers the best textile available with a dramatic reduction in production time and an unbeatable quality to cost ratio.
As a company we seek to ensure workers conditions are fair and regulated where ever possible, meeting the high standards demanded by the Italian government and that workers are paid the national minimum salaries. Although living costs are comparatively more for Chinese workers in Italy than China, the potential for earnings far outweighs the same ratio on mainland China. All production and employment in Italy is governed by strict European laws and legislation. We have spent many years researching where to source our products and regularly visit the factories where our garments are made.
We aim to restrict our carbon footprint by sourcing products within Europe where possible, reducing freight time, negating costly import factors and passing this benefit directly onto our stores and customers while lessening the impact we have on the environment.
Goose island is committed to raising money for charities. We have donated up to £50,000 to a local children’s hospice Ty Hafan to date, given up to £40,000 to our nearest hospital to help fund cancer research projects, purchase specialist equipment and fund wards. We regularly participate in charity fashion shows to raise money for charities such as the WI and MacMillan, contribute raffle prizes and donation boxes in store ensure even the compulsory bag charge goes to a good cause.
Made in Italy, sourced with a Goose Island conscience.