The Goose Island App Launch 2022!

For many who know Goose Island, you'll know that we're a company with the interest of our customers at heart. Goose Island have been striving to hit targets all year, and we're very much so succeeding with just that!


Over the past year, one of our goals has been to strategically provide an easier, more efficient and demanding service for our customers. Many will know, the heart of Goose Island lies with our Facebook Live videos. Goose Island have grown a large following across their social media within 2 years, and have since developed and provided a positive community for women to join, share styling tips and connect with the brand on another level.

The success of these videos and our knowledge within the Fashion Industry has assisted greatly with the rapid growth of our online presence. Time has been the biggest investment and key decision making has been our next biggest contributing factor to our success. Once you're on a run of success the momentum builds, as does the energy, and you find yourself steadying ahead at a quick pace.

Due to the positive outcome of growth, it allow us as a brand to strategise an idea going forward. This is where we tell you about the story behind our app..

The launch of the Goose Island app, was so successful with us having our best online sales day to date! To give you insight .. go back one year and we were turning over what we done in that one day, in a month! CRAZY.


There were balloon arches, pink champagne and a lot of orders being packed at paces we probably have never encountered before. We had thousands of people download our app (with plenty of crashes along the way too due to the high demand) which for us.. well that's great!


What Does It Offer?


One of the ways we've always communicated with our customers is through email. Over the years with privacy changes and servers tightening up the spam filters, more and more of you are not receiving our emails. Even local customers who are notified when their orders are ready to be collected are finding the emails in their junk inbox.. NOT GOOD!


This means customers are missing out on all of our special sales and promotions, competitions, new stock arrivals and so much more. So, this is why we worked hard with our app developers and their support team, to develop our very own Goose Island app which has JUST LAUNCHED!


The benefits the app holds are exclusive and provide a precious service to our customers and their loyalty to the brand, but even you can download it (if you're not already a customer that is)


Here's What To Expect..


You will be one of the first to be notified when new stock is on it's way


You will be one of the first to be notified when new stock is available for purchase.. and we mean within minutes of it going live on our website or app


On a more regular basis we will have spontaneous Facebook Live sales when customers can buy with great reductions which will be seen in our 'Outlet' collection. Unfortunately Facebook has been having its own notification issues so you may be one of the unlucky ones, missing out on our Facebook Live sales or new in styles. By selecting "Allow Notifications" when you download our app you are guaranteed to receive a notification of the sale items or new in items from us

We have developed our app to help you, our customers, get better deals and provide you with more opportunities to find the items you want before they are sold out. But, we also want it to be fun! So we are going to have regular free competitions where you can win prizes like a £100 Goose Island voucher, or spin the wheel fun competitions where you can win other prizes. The idea is to have fun and no purchase is necessary to enter


We have a massive audience who love our Facebook Lives and want to watch us live so as to be able to join in, comment and provide feedback live. Well now you will be able to join in as we will notify you when we are going live whether it's our regular Friday and Monday lives, or one of our more spontaneous lives


On That Note..

Cheers to the Goose Island App! And don't miss out on 20% off your first app order!

Click here for more info on how to download


Written By

Georgia Rose


  • Alana Wilkins
    Hi I am trying to reinstall app but doesn’t appear to be working? Is there a problem? Thanks. Alana

  • farhan Ali
    latest ladies fashion wears in uk wholesale dealer. get latest party wears, shirts, skirts, coats, tops and trousers. new stock available with different variants here.

  • Heulwen Jones

    Received another pink parcel this morning, the first using the App. Another item for my Caribbean cruise in December.

  • Diane Taylor

    Excellent clothes and service. You won’t meet someone in the street wearing what you have on as you do from major stores

  • Michele Bernier-Skaer

    I had my first app delivery yesterday of 5 items and as usual was thrilled with everything. As someone else said, my credit card balance is now a bit worse for wear but not as bad as it would have been without your wonderful discount. Thanks so much for all you do for us, your customer or should I say friend. xxx🥰

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